As a personal trainer, I’m a firm believer that it’s never too late to make truly positive changes in your life.
With my 1-to-1 personal training you too can achieve your fitness goals.

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My Fitness Journey

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I’d prefer to forget I was ever this big!

10 years ago I became aware that I really needed to do something about my fitness levels. I knew if I didn’t do anything it would likely have an impact on my health at some point. So I bravely took myself to the gym and began running on the treadmill. After a couple of months doing this combined with shifts on the elliptical machine I was bored. After that it didn’t take long until exercise was absent and any healthy eating strategy had evaporated. However, every couple of years I tried again but repeated the same mistakes each time and simply giving up.

In 2011 I was fortunate enough to discover how to workout effectively with free weights and a combination of high intensity training. This was a fun, challenging and rewarding way to train and it also really encouraged me to eat healthier. I continued using this method, building upon what I had learnt and devising my own programmes for total tailored training.

After a very successful career as a teacher and senior leader in education, I moved into the fitness sector as a personal trainer and so glad I did. In many ways I’m still a teacher. I love what I do and it really is great working with people to improve their fitness and health. I am very diligent went it comes to creating programmes tailored for my client’s goals and I do all I can to ensure they achieve them.

Personal Trainer for All


I offer 1-to-1 personal training programmes designed specifically for you. Whether you want to lose weight, improve your general fitness, reshape your physique, work on your strength, endurance, or a combination of these, I will work with you and through a tailored exercise programme and provide nutritional guidance to ensure you meet your goals.

I use the most tried and trusted methods of training backed-up by the latest research to ensure your time is maximised to its fullest potential.

Training is tough at times, however, it’s also extremely rewarding especially when you start feeling and seeing the results. It has the potential to seriously enhance many aspects of your life. It has been proven to relieve stress and depression, bolster self-confidence and esteem. Furthermore, it can prevent and reverse the effects of certain diseases, improve mobility and reverse the effects of ageing. Don’t Hesitate – Get in touch now!